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Animal-Assisted Therapy

Animal-Assisted Therapy in Sacramento

If you’re looking for an intervention that combines healing and your love for animals, you may be a good candidate for animal-assisted therapy. At Pathways Recovery, you can find comprehensive drug rehab services alongside some of the best animal-assisted therapy Sacramento has to offer. As animal-assisted therapy has found its way into holistic care over the years, the advantages of human-animal interactions (HAI) have continued to gain more recognition. You can benefit from the multifaceted aspects that HAI offers, no matter your age, background, or condition.

Pathways Recovery and our qualified staff intend to guide you on your path to wellness, treating you as the complete and unique individual you are. With the help of animal-assisted therapy, you will find the personalized path to healing you need. Call their helpful staff for more information at (916) 461-7224.

What is Animal-Assisted Therapy?

Animal-assisted therapy (AAT) incorporates trained therapy animals into treatment plans, and there are many ways this can be done. The presence of animals, specifically dogs, has continuously demonstrated a positive impact on health in a variety of settings. Even cats, horses, and birds have been known to promote a healing effect in humans.

A session of animal-assisted therapy will involve spending time interacting with a trained animal with the intention of making socialization easier. This may involve activities such as walking a dog,  playing fetch, petting a cat or brushing a horse. The therapist or pet’s handler may also be present to observe the interactions.

Sessions are professionally supervised by the animal’s handler to ensure smooth interactions. This type of therapy is considered holistic and complementary to other forms of treatment. Because of the innate bond that is formed and the apparent empathic capabilities of animals, AAT has been used in many states and multiple health settings. 

Benefits of Animal-Assisted Therapy: How it Works

You may feel that you are a right fit for animal-assisted therapy if you love animals and have a mental or physical condition as well.  The presence of an animal in a healthcare setting brings a positive shift in focus and seemingly puts many people at ease. Just the presence of a dog facilitates emotional openness and lowers the pressures of socialization.

Studies show that animal-assisted therapy provides many emotional and mental benefits. You can expect an improvement in your mood as well as stress levels. The presence of animals is significant enough to influence factors such as lowering blood pressure or even improving cognition scores. 

Some other key advantages of animal-assisted therapy include:

  • Improved socialization 
  • Higher motivation
  • Distraction from negative feelings
  • Empathy and compassion
  • Promotes personal development
  • Decreases boredom
  • Promotes physical movement

Animal healing and its multiple benefits are a great way to continue on your path to recovery while experiencing the social bonds necessary in everyday life. The non-judgmental presence of a therapy animal can be a refreshing supplement to the daily interactions that can sometimes feel demanding.

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Is Animal-Assisted Therapy Right for Me?

You may be a good fit for animal-assisted therapy if you are in need of emotional support, additional motivation with goals or have difficulty socializing with others. The pressures of human interaction are nonexistent and an animal’s presence is empathic and focused on you. Ultimately, communication with others can become easier and this can help with feelings of isolation. Unless you have allergies or are immunocompromised, the therapeutic presence of animals can help almost anyone.

However, it is true that some health conditions or circumstances make a person an especially ideal candidate for AAT. Some examples of conditions that may benefit the most from animal-assisted therapy include:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety disorders 
  • Physical disabilities
  • PTSD
  • Chronic pain disorders
  • Neurological disorders (such as Alzheimer’s disease or dementia)

If you feel that this option may be for you, look no further than Pathways Recovery. We’re proud to offer animal-assisted therapy Sacramento residents and other nearby communities can take advantage of in addition to comprehensive treatment. Experience firsthand the reasons why bonding with an animal is not only curative but also compliments your unique journey towards enhanced well-being.

Discover the Best Animal-Assisted Therapy Sacramento Has to Offer

Pathways Recovery uses a variety of methods to support our clients during recovery. Our compassionate staff can integrate animal-assisted therapy with other treatment methods to help resolve emotional and social concerns. With the calming presence and mindfulness of animals, a new level of healing can take place. 

Driven by our whole person-centered approach, Pathways Recovery is where you can also find holistic addiction treatment in Northern California. Our team of licensed professionals are ready to help others reach their goals of sobriety, and to confidently move forward knowing they are safe and fully supported.

With clinical expertise and caring hearts, Pathways Recovery also offers outpatient rehab in Sacramento, California. This evidence-based program ensures that those who are seeking to continue on their addiction-free path have the resources they need to maintain success. 

Some elements of this program include:

  • One-on-one counseling
  • Relapse prevention skills
  • Communication skills
  • Anger management 
  • Family education classes

Each treatment plan is unique and customized according to each client. While the structure of the program may vary and each person’s needs are unique, client-focused care and ongoing progress are our highest priorities. There are different levels of care to choose from, including animal-assisted therapy, that Sacramento residents can use to access support.

How We Approach Animal-Assisted Therapy

Pathways Recovery emphasizes holistic care throughout our programs and has become a leading source for animal-assisted therapy Sacramento residents can easily access. Regardless of life’s unpredictable challenges, our interdisciplinary team is ready to provide quality support on your timeline, even after program completion. 

Pathways Recovery is where you can find a truly holistic addiction treatment center in California that provides immediate, evidence-based care. Animal-assisted therapy is only one essential aspect of our comprehensive program. We also prioritize the healing properties of nutrition, physical fitness, yoga, meditation, and 24/7 professional support to help you achieve your personal goals. 

Our certified staff has a deep understanding of addiction and the numerous ways it can affect your mind, body, spirit and personal relationships. With this in mind, they are also motivated to incorporate functional health medicine, which is rare to find among rehab facilities.  This involves combining techniques such as providing nutrient dense foods and teaching nervous system regulation. 

Call Pathways Recovery for Animal-Assisted Therapy in Sacramento

With compassionate hearts, extensive expertise and a whole person centered approach, Pathways Recovery is ready to help you every step of the way towards healing. Don’t hesitate to experience the calming presence and physical benefits a therapy animal can provide. The empathic bond promotes healing but also empowers you in harnessing your own coping skills that can contribute to overall resilience and well-being. 

With all the holistic methods the staff at Pathways Recover are ready to instill, you can determine what feels best for you based on your particular situation. You will begin to sense the uplifting transformation you are capable of. Our helpful staff are available to help you at any time of day at (916) 999-9579. You can inquire for more information through our website’s contact page

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