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Welcome To The Newly Redesigned Site – Stay Tuned For More Exciting News!

Newly Redesigned Addiction Treatment Site Pathways Recovery

Newly Redesigned Addiction Treatment Site Pathways RecoveryAt Pathways Recovery, we are proud to announce the launch of our newly redesigned website. With our focus on providing high quality detox and outpatient addiction rehab treatment, we knew we needed a professional-looking, highly-functional website that provided up-to-date information and resources in an understandable and informative format. We believe that the new website has accomplished just that!

With informative content, an easy-to-navigate layout and the latest information on insurance and other important topics, our potential clients and their loved ones can find out what they need to know about addiction treatment at Pathways Recovery.

The website is organized by programs and detox services. There are also pages on nutrition and family education, as well as a blog that will include the latest information about addiction and recovery. The Admissions section provides valuable information such as cost, financing options, insurance information and more.

Pathways Recovery’s New Design And Logo

Along with the new website, Pathways Recovery also has a new look that includes an updated logo and design elements. The logo redesign represents an individual who has struggled with addiction now achieving new hope in recovery. New images of the facility have also been added to the website to give site visitors a visual perspective of the treatment offered at Pathways Recovery.

More Than Just An Updated Brand

While the new website and brand elements certainly improve the online presence of Pathways Recovery, they are also designed to provide quick, easy access to those who are facing the challenge of addiction. When confronted with such a seemingly insurmountable challenge, it only makes sense that the information provided should be given in a user-friendly, simple fashion.

What’s Next?

As we roll out this new website at the start of 2016, we are already looking at more exciting things to be launched this year. We encourage you to bookmark the Pathways Recovery site so that you can check back often as we launch new tools for helping those in need and their loved ones.

If you’re ready to overcome addiction or you know someone who is struggling with alcohol or drug abuse, we encourage you to check out our new site. There’s plenty of information about our facility and treatment options. Then, give us a call to speak to a caring and professional staff member.