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Every day, men and women from all walks of life experience serious problems with addictive drugs or alcohol. The diverse nature of those affected leads to a diversity of needs when it comes to effective treatment. Not only do you need help that focuses specifically on your form of substance abuse or addiction. You must also receive other forms of customization to promote effective recovery. 

For example, women may have recovery requirements that differ from those of men. The same also holds true for men in relation to women. In addition, you may have a dual diagnosis, i.e., overlapping symptoms of mental illness and substance abuse/addiction.

Not all drug and alcohol recovery centers are capable of meeting such a vast range of rehab needs. Looking for a facility near Fair Oaks, CA? Call on the local expertise of Pathways Recovery. We’re based just up the road from Fair Oaks in Roseville. With just a short drive, you can take advantage of our many customized services for men and women. Whether you need substance detox, inpatient treatment, or outpatient treatment, we’re standing by with options just for you.

Women’s Recovery at Our Fair Oaks Drug Rehab Center and Alcohol Rehab Center

Many women in need of rehab are affected by certain underlying issues that are less of a factor for the average man. Such issues can include:

  • Childhood sexual abuse 
  • Sexual assault or rape as an adult
  • Intimate partner violence exposure

These factors help explain why women have higher chances than men of developing PTSD. They also help explain why effective substance treatment for women can look quite different than men’s treatment. 

At Pathways Recovery, we understand the reasons why women need different kinds of rehab support. We also know how to provide that support. You’ll find it in the dedicated women’s treatment program at our Fair Oaks drug rehab center. Contact us today for more details.

Our Options for Men’s Recovery During Addiction Treatment in Fair Oaks

Men also frequently have gender-specific issues that require close attention in substance rehab. The list of common challenges includes:

  • Difficulty talking openly about problems in general
  • Problems accessing and expressing emotions
  • Increased chances of failing to disclose information that can impact recovery
  • A reflexive reliance on aggression and anger
  • Shame regarding the lack of control that characterizes addiction
  • Discomfort in a co-ed treatment environment

Together or separately, issues such as these can potentially interfere with the effectiveness of rehab. That’s why Pathways also features a dedicated men’s program. This program focuses on the types of help that men in recovery tend to need. By doing so, it may give a significant boost to your rehab success. To find out more about our men’s program, consult us today.

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Dual Diagnosis Treatment at Our Fair Oaks Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

No matter which two specific conditions affect you, a dual diagnosis is always significant. Why? When substance problems and mental illness interact, they do so in serious ways. Untreated addiction can deepen the mental health impact of your additional illness. At the same time, an untreated mental health condition can deepen the impact of your substance problems.

In rehab, the solution for this doubly harmful situation is a combined treatment plan that:

  • Provides ample treatment support that matches the type and severity of your addiction
  • Also provides the same level of customized support for your mental illness

The most effective treatment resources depend on your situation. 

Pathways Recovery is designed from the ground up as a dual diagnosis rehab facility. We can incorporate treatment for mental illness into any of our men’s or women’s rehab plans. Talk to us today to learn more about how we undertake this crucial process.

Addiction and Substance Abuse Treatment in Fair Oaks

The effectiveness of substance treatment largely depends on the setting in which it takes place. That’s true because each available setting:

  • Comes with its own types of recovery services
  • It is designed to help people with specific levels of required treatment

For example, if you’re addicted to drugs or alcohol, a detox program typically serves as your rehab entry point. After completing rehab, you may then move on to inpatient treatment or outpatient treatment. 

At our Fair Oaks drug and alcohol rehab center, we feature multiple treatment settings, including:

  • Medically supervised detox
  • 24/7 inpatient treatment
  • Day and evening intensive outpatient care that provides nine to 19 hours of treatment each week

Consult us today for more on how we determine which setting will provide you with the best possible support.

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Traveling to Pathways for Substance Abuse Treatment in Fair Oaks

Pathways Recovery is located at 775 Sunrise Ave—suite 210 in Roseville, CA, seven-plus miles north of Fair Oaks. We also feature other facilities in the Roseville area. From Fair Oaks, you can reach us by traveling via San Juan Ave. or Sunrise Blvd. Depending on the time of day, the trip will take you about half an hour or so by car. You can also reach us by traveling via any of several bus routes that connect Sacramento, Fair Oaks, and Roseville. 

Need additional travel guidance? Consult our helpful staff today.

Make Pathways Your Fair Oaks Drug Rehab Center and Alcohol Rehab Center

Do you or your loved one need rehab or dual diagnosis treatment in Fair Oaks? Pathways Recovery is your local source for programs that meet all needs for supportive, quality care. That’s true whether you’re a man or woman. It’s also true whether you need an inpatient or an intensive outpatient program.

At Pathways, we combine evidence-based rehab with luxury and privacy. Our women’s drug rehab center accommodates up to eight participants at a time. Our drug and alcohol rehab men’s program accommodates up to six participants. This small scale helps ensure that you get the attention and customized care you need to reach your treatment goals. 

Ready to start the enrollment process? Just contact us today by phone or through our online form. We’re available when you need us, day or night