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What Are the Signs of Alcoholism?

What Are the Signs of Alcoholism?

Alcohol is a legal drug that millions of people consume each year. Although alcohol consumption may seem harmless, alcohol can be an addictive substance that, when abused and overconsumed, can significantly impact an individual’s health and well-being. About 14.5 million people in the U.S. ages 12 and older struggled with an alcohol use disorder in 2019. This means that millions of people across the country are experiencing a lower quality of life and well-being because of their drinking problem.

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What is Alcoholism?

Alcoholism, as the name suggests, is a severe form of alcohol abuse. Alcoholism occurs when an individual partakes in unhealthy drinking habits and is unable to manage their drinking problem. Alcohol addiction can significantly impact a person’s health and well-being, as well as negatively impact their personal and professional relationships.

Some of the key differences between someone drinking responsibly and someone struggling with a drinking problem is an individual struggling with alcoholism struggles with withdrawal symptoms such as experiencing shaking, anxiety, and having a strong craving to drink.

Common Signs of Alcoholism

Because alcohol is a legal drug, it can sometimes be difficult to differentiate between someone who drinks frequently (but responsibility) and someone who is addicted to alcohol. Therefore, if you suspect someone you know is struggling with alcohol addiction, here are a few common alcoholism signs to look out for.

  • Being unable to control how much alcohol they drink.
  • Having an intense urge or craving to drink almost all the time.
  • Abusing alcohol over other responsibilities like work or school.
  • Losing interest in activities they once enjoyed.
  • Developing a strong tolerance.
  • Experiencing withdrawal alcoholism symptoms.
  • A decline in performance at work or school.
  • Turning to alcohol whenever faced with any stressor, big or small.
  • Participating in riskier behavior than usual (i.e. drunk driving)
  • Trying to hide or being in denial about their drinking problem.

The above are just some of the many signs of alcoholism that may show your loved one may be struggling with alcohol addiction. 

Common Causes and Risk Factors of Alcohol Addiction

If you notice someone displaying signs of alcoholism, there may be several causes and risk factors that may heighten one’s risk of developing alcohol addiction. Common causes of alcoholism may include:

  • Family History of Addiction: If someone has a family history of alcohol use disorder in their family, these genetic risk factors can increase their likelihood of developing alcoholism.
  • Started Drinking at An Older Age: If an individual started drinking at an early age this can heighten one’s risk of developing an alcohol use disorder.
  • Traumatic History: If a person went through a traumatic event, this may increase their risk of developing an alcohol use disorder.
  • Drinking Too Much Regularly: Drinking excessively and frequently over a long period of time may inevitably present and lead someone to struggle with alcohol addiction.

Just because someone is struggling with an alcohol use disorder doesn’t mean they have to suffer alone. Countless addiction treatment centers offer a range of treatment options to help those struggling with alcoholism.

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Alcoholism can significantly interfere with someone’s physical and mental health. Although alcohol consumption is popular and legal, this doesn’t discount how addictive alcohol can be, and how bad excessive drinking can interfere with your life. If you notice someone showing signs of alcoholism, it’s important you support them and try and help them seek professional treatment to overcome their addiction safely and effectively. Pathways Recovery is an addiction treatment center in Northern California that offers a range of treatment options and programs to help clients overcome their addiction and live long-term life of sobriety. We don’t just treat clients’ addictions, but we help treat the whole person to live a happier, healthier life. Contact us today to learn how we can help you or someone you know overcome your addiction once and for all.